The team at Inov8 embodies the highest level of workplace professionalism and corporate ethics to the core. The right blend or pragmatic experience and indefatigable youth split into three distinct but strategically integrated departments, team members frequently display exemplary standards and cohesiveness while working on tasks assigned to them. The following departments ensure the right mix of skill and smooth operations here at Inov8:

Business Technology Services Group

BTS forms the 'idealistic' core of the organization and lays the foundation for any project taken aboard, turning business problems into effective and value-adding propositions.

We choose analysts who think 'out of the box' by instinct and consultants who can lead vague project concepts into cutting edge solutions. Extensive industry insight ensures even the slightest detail is not ignored. The team at Business Technology Services is primarily responsible for product and business development.

Software Development Group

Software Development at Inov8 thrives on extremely challenging environments and near impossible deadlines. What sets this group apart from traditional software development arrangements is the immense value project managers place on avid involvement and the spread of experience within development teams. The group sets standards in collaborative teamwork and an excellent system of performance monitoring ensures individuals know exactly what is required of them.

Networks and Infrastructure Management Group

This group is responsible for Inov8's overall technical architecture, strategy and management of Inov8's internal infrastructure. Working round the clock, the Networks & Infrastructure Management group helps manage a number of infrastructure services, including communications, hosting, and customer support. Inov8 places a special emphasis on information and network security, so our people often find themselves working on ways to "lock, block and protect" critical and confidential Inov8 information and property.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of the Inov8 team, please email us your CV accompanied by a brief description of how you think you can add value to our company at contact.hr@inov8.com.pk

Please note that Inov8 Limited is an equal opportunity employer.